We exist to reverse the Generation Paradox 

Creating new connections, within your business to access new knowledge 

As a qualified accountant Chloe has spent the last 20 years in a number of senior leadership roles ranging in industries from Retail to Financial Services and FMCG. These span both FTSE 100 companies and Entrepreneurial Start-ups.

Throughout this career, Chloe has recognised that the businesses which succeed are not always the ones with the most data, the most money, the highest margins and a 'well known' brand. What fosters success is truly dedicating time, attention, communication and resources to the connection & individualisation of people. This not only applies to leaders but colleagues, clients and customers alike.

Chloe's passion today revolves around the void that exists between generations in the workplace. There is an increasing gap in the professional mindset between Millennials (those reaching adulthood in the early 21st century) and Senior Executives – and if this void isn’t addressed, organisations will struggle to survive in the long term.


But... don’t take Chloe’s word for it; see what the millennials think of the gap for themselves.


‘Reversing the generation paradox’ is a study conducted by Hello2morrow that spoke to 100 millennials working within a variety of different corporate workplaces. The report focuses on three fundamental areas that can only create competitive advantage in a workforce comprising of five different generations – Individualisation, Connectivity and Reality.





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